Question 1: Can I trade as an individual?
Answer: It's good to shop with us as an individual. Payment terms will then be prepayment. Please note that VAT and shipping are added.

Question 2: Are prices inclusive or excluding VAT?
Answer: We are primarily aimed at companies and organizations and therefore all prices are presented excluding VAT. If you want to order us as an individual, you are welcome to contact any of our sellers or order here via the website.

Question 3: Do you need to login to shop at dconcept.se?
Answer: No login information is needed to shop on our website. However, a login will be created when you register for the first time. Then you will receive username and password sent to you as you can use the next time you order through our website if you wish. However, the option to order without logging is always available.

Question 4: Can you change password?
Answer: Yes, go to My Pages. Either you log in and choose a new password or you can click on "Forgot Password" and we will send a new one.